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Traditional taxidermy is often predictable and repetitive. Rooms across the world are adorned with shoulder mounts that rarely get a second look. Rack Factory Taxidermy is a business dedicated to creating unique pieces of wildlife art for each client and offers the custom creation of trophy stump mounts.


Rack Factory Taxidermy offers a trophy stump mount  that brings a fresh, artistic approach to trophy preservation. These mounts are an excellent way to display any animal to showcase trophies without engulfing a wall or crowding floor space.


With an inventory of various unique, natural wood stumps, each customer has the opportunity to partner in the creation of a custom work of art. The sizes and character of the stumps in inventory vary greatly allowing a fit for most animal sizes and personal taste.


Once a stump is selected, Rack Factory Taxidermy can then create a made-to-order piece with a wide range of creative habitat scenes ranging from realistic to mystical.  As the pictures show, trophy stumps are an eye catching piece of wildlife art that will certainly become a must see, conversation piece in any hunter's home.

What is A Trophy Stump?